s OPI-Organization for the Physically Impaired

Developmental and implemented programs

Community Service
OPI collaborates with non-profit agencies, embracing the opportunity to elevate the common good by utilizing the talents of volunteers to give back to the community. The volunteers participate in myriad capacities for educational workshops, recreational activities, fundraisings, and similar events.

Immediate Transportation Program
OPI proudly facilitates transportation for the urgent needs of its members by supplying bus tokens or taxi vouchers. This program has helped members arrive on time to scheduled appointments for medical visits and social services.

OPI uses innovative approaches to build program resources by ensuring donated goods are utilized by those who find value in them. Opportunities to acquire collectibles, art, toys, clothing, books, and other items will be available in our upcoming interactive auction events. OPI hosts donation drives and auctions four times a year. For further information click here.

A good attitude is an important component in the success of living. OPI believes that through recreational activities, such as playing sports, reading stories aloud in groups, social gatherings, outings and field trips, the disabled community will be encouraged to enjoy a fulfilling, enjoyable, and confident life to its fullest potential.

International Interchange

The International Interchange program reaches across lines of culture, where we explore the lifestyles of other cultural communities, having opportunities to travel abroad, vacation and live with, teach, and learn. We venture through sporting events, conventions, cultural fairs, workshops, concerts, and much more that the imagination can lead us to.

Computer Skills Development
Social Services Education
White Cane Exchange Program
A “white cane” is a tool in which blind individuals may better independently orient themselves to their daily surroundings.  Countless numbers of canes, critically necessary to the visually impaired community, are in need of maintenance, repair or replacement supported by sponsors. This program is an ongoing annual success to address the need.  For further information click here.

Friends of OPI Networking Club
Relationships are crucial for the human soul and OPI embraces the value of networking across the lines. Friends of OPI Club is designed to elevate the full potential of members for their success. Through interactive social venues, hosting activities for all levels of partnerships and promote excellence of life.

Support Group Program
We provide a place for individuals with physical impairments via phone and social media to meet with other individuals like themselves and share meaningful life experiences. Support groups also enable these individuals to increase their self worth and personal self esteem and provide mutual support to one another.

Our Work